About Us

NHLAKANIPHO YOUTH FOUNDATION was stared in 2017, by a Young Man inspired and passionate who dedicated to make a difference in the community of Lobamba. His dream was to help children and youth of Swaziland lift themselves out of poverty through education.

Due to the absence of basic necessities and overwhelming poverty, the children face immense challenges. Not only do these children have to walk long distance to local schools, they cannot afford the cost of uniforms, shoes, lunch and books. It is no surprise that many children turn to drugs and crime at an early age. In a community afflicted with an unemployment NHLAKANIPHO YOUTH FOUNDATION enables children resist forces that would drag them down, harness their own potential, and grow into skilled individuals who can give back to society.


Visitors are considered a gift, and we love to meet new friends from all over the world. If you are lucky enough to spend time at NYF, you are sure to receive a warm welcome, and you may well make some friends for life. If you are planning a visit to The Kingdom of Eswatini you must include NYP in your itinerary. To arrange a visit, to attend a dance performance, take an immersion tour and more.


NHLAKANIPHO YOUTH PROGRAM is more focusing on the orphans and the needy.

NYP still looking into adding more programs that will be of assistance to the youth of the Kingdom of ESWATINI.